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Commissions *CLOSE!*

"Hello there! decided to open 3 slots for commissions!"
" I’ll be looking over your orders and will be sending out messages-really hard to decide-somanyniceOcs-. Thank you guys o)-<!!//*

Sketchpage Commission(Status: Open)

Current slots(to keep in track): Click this

  • Sketchpage/Type: Sketches displaying your character(s) personality also interaction with another character. Sketchpage may contain headshot/bustshot, waistshot and knees up or fullbody.
  • Description of style: Loose colored lines, hatching, limited by two or three palettes and a base color shading. The limit is “two characters” However, feel free to negotiate with me.
  • Couples: Yes(For pairings any sexuality is fine)
  • 7-10 Sketches on one page = $57 (Random: headshot/bustshot, waistshot and knees up or fullbody. )


Zoom in pic: *
Previous: *


Experimental Commissions, use to do these on DA ! decided to open this part again.

  • Description of style: Refined , experimental with abstract,  bold color(s), white/gradient background.
  • Couple commission: Not available
  • Price: $55-$60($60 for detailed characters)
  • Type: Same as the Simple commission.


Zoom in pic: *



    Accepting Paypal only (USD):

    TO COMMISSION: either drop a note in my inbox/F.mail or send a note to  my Deviantart account.

Form to use for order:
Name/Username:( don’t have to be real name)
Style: ( Sketchpage, Experimental)
Reference: (reference/picture of your oc etc)
Personality:(Personality of your oc etc/ For sketchpage couples discuss their friendship, love, hate etc)

Anonymous asked : Hello! I just wanted to say you're a huge inspiration to me! Never stop what you're doing because you're perfect! ♡♡

Hello there Anon, AAAA! Thank you so much I really appreciate it!!///
I’m sure we  will continue learning more  to  keep going!!/fist pumps-/hits (-there’s never a stop though-)

Have a wonderful day!!

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Birthday present for moenry Celeryyyyy O(≧∇≦)O laffscuzidkwhattodrawsoruinedyoursongomenealskdjlasd/seppukus

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HAPPY BIRTH D A Y C E L E S . also genkurosan show your real fais one day onegaishimas.

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ksong405 asked : Hello, you art is amazing!! Are you taking commissions?

Hello there!! thank you so much it’s an honor o)-< As for commissions it’s currently closed- it will be open as soon I finish my  previous orders-hopefully sometime next month I’ll re-open again!

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Anonymous asked : you are so kind with your words, senpai //whispers

///!-/had a feeling I know who this is already<><>—

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naoapple asked : i saw that anon post you answered and it helped me believe in myself more! :D

Uwah! Hello there!!//// This is uplifting o)-< I’m glad you feel this way!  Continue feeling  motivated down the road -will be bumpy but  we all go through this roller coaster of emotions-(as long you love it) All the best!

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Anonymous asked : Just wanted to tell you your my fav artist, love your style, your unique coloring style and unique approach on drawing. Everything I hope to achieve. LOVE IT. KEEP ON BEING AWESOME :D

AAAaaa  Anon with the cool shades!!! o)-</// Thank you so much and I really appreciate it!!(always hard to find words to express gratitude/GTTH)) it’s truly an honor!!

you “will” achieve as long you have motivation!/can see that you have it/

Have a wonderful day and keep being awesome too!!///

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