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Commissions *Sketch page Commissions Open only!*


"Hi! decided to open "sketchpage commission!"

Sketchpage Commission(Status: Open)

Current slots(to keep in track): Click this

  • Sketchpage/Type: Sketches displaying your character(s) personality also interaction with another character. Sketchpage may contain headshot/bustshot, waistshot…
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Anonymous asked : How did you make your icon? I've been seeing a lot of them around the internet.

Hi there anon!! I remember it’s a cute site to custom make  an  icon/avatar!

However— it’s been quite a while using that site(beenusingthisavatarforalongwhilesd) o)-< hopefully someone will—link it here Aa/cross fingers/

Edit: THanks guys for link!! the link is

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Felt like doing a small drawing of Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul o)-&lt; ay-eThis season is pretty nice! for the thrill&#8212;I like this and Zankyou no terror!
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tunasenpaix asked : hello ! i was wondering, how do you color digitally? since, the way you color is simply amazing! ; v ; //gomen for asking//

Hello there! and thank you so much I really appreciate it image !!

For digital painting(or any  media) I basically play with the colors before I continue to  paint and refine—-since it’s digital I rest the colors on the canvas! the colors I used from the beginning always change towards the end most of the time (tweaking with layer mods and color adjustments). So it’s really how the piece will suit your eyes in the end.

How I paint: I paint with “70% flow” or “opacity” ! sometimes it’s 100%  if the brush is good with light pressure.

Color picker becomes a habit or—a number one reliance to painting digital— -especially  for using light pressure and light opacity. The colors will overlap and blend together! using  the color picker to snatch that color  to be able blend.

Hope that makes sense!

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eresince asked : h-hello!! i just wanted to say how much I LOVE THE WAY YOU DRAW PEOPLE!! they can be so cool or adorable, and the painting style is so beautiful ;w; please never stop drawing...!

SKWQASK!/// Helloo there!! 
Thank you so much I really appreciate it! sometimes  I feel inconsistent for jumping around but glad you like them!!image!! I won’t! same to you as well!-fist pumps!-

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